At Textforum we understand the importance of using consistent and accurate industry-specific and customer-specific terminology. This is why we offer our clients a validation service.

Validation is a key step in the process of safeguarding quality and adapting translations for the local market. Validation is carried out according to your wishes. Often this involves checking of terminology and language use by the client’s local representative. Many of our clients entrust Textforum to manage the validation process, and this offers several benefits:


  • Textforum has well-established routines for validation. We are flexible and always follow your wishes, such as the specific file format to be used during validation, and what changes can be made.
  • Local terminology is saved in client-specific translation memories for future use. The more we translate, the more terms we can “re-use”, thus ensuring consistency with your existing documents.
  • For you, as the client, this means less time wasted on “getting hold of people”. We will happily do it for you!
  • You can be confident that the changes made during validation are checked by us before delivery.
  • Specified delivery dates are safeguarded.


Here is one example of how the translation and validation process works:


  1. You order a translation into one or more languages and tell us that you require validation.
  2. We confirm the order and ask for contact details for the company’s local representatives. Often an email address is all that is needed.
  3. We contact these representatives, or validators, and explain how the process works.
  4. As the client, you decide exactly how involved you want to be in the validation process. Generally our clients are happy to let us manage the entire process and deliver a finished and validated translation. 
  5. We always listen to the opinions of the client’s validators and do our best to make the process easy for them, without compromising on our validation routines.


Naturally we can also handle any document layout requirements before we deliver the completed translation to you.


Any questions about Textforum’s validation process? Feel free to contact us!